15th Brazilian Symposium on Computer Graphics and Image processing


SIBGRAPI 2002 – Detailed Program


7 october 2002 (Monday)

08:00 Registration


Tutorial 1 (Room 103)

Robótica: Sistemas Sensorial e Motor. Principais Tendências e Direções

Luiz M. G. Gonçalves (UFRN),

Roberto Marcondes C. Junior (IME-USP)

Tutorial 2 (Room 104)

Image-Based Modeling and Rendering

Manuel Oliveira (Stony Brook University)

Tutorial 3 (Room 105)

Mineração de Imagens: Conceitos, Aplicações e Desafios

Olga Regina Pereira Bellon (UFPR),

Luciano Silva  (UFPR),

Everton Vidal Vieira (UFPR)

10:00-10:30 Intervalo / Pause


Tutorial 1(Continuação) (Room 103)

Robótica: Sistemas Sensorial e Motor. Principais Tendências e Direções

Luiz M. G. Gonçalves (UFRN),

Roberto Marcondes C. Junior (IME-USP)

Tutorial 2 (Continuação) (Room 104)

Image-Based Modeling and Rendering

Manuel Oliveira (Stony Brook University)

Tutorial 3 (Continuação) (Room 105)

Mineração de Imagens: Conceitos, Aplicações e Desafios

Olga Regina Pereira Bellon (UFPR),

Luciano Silva  (UFPR),

Everton Vidal Vieira (UFPR)

12:00-14:00 Lunch Pause


Tutorial 4 (Room 103)

Volume Visualization

Isabel Manssour (PUCRS),

Carla Freitas (UFRGS)

Tutorial 5 (Room 104)

Modeling and Rendering of Real Environments

Manuel Oliveira (Stony Brook University),

Wagner Corrêa (Princeton),

Cláudio Silva (AT&T)

Tutorial 6 (Room 105)

Graphical Models in Computer Vision

Mauricio Marengoni (Massachussetts College of Liberal Arts)

15:30-16:00 Intervalo / Pause


Tutorial 4 (Continuação) (Room 103)

Volume Visualization

Isabel Manssour (PUCRS),

Carla Freitas (UFRGS)

Tutorial 5 (Continuação) (Room 104)

Modeling and Rendering of Real Environments

Manuel Oliveira (Stony Brook University),

Wagner Corrêa (Princeton),

Cláudio Silva (AT&T)

Tutorial 6 (Continuação) (Room 105)

Graphical Models in Computer Vision

Mauricio Marengoni (Massachussetts College of Liberal Arts)


18:30 – 19:30


Cerimônia de Abertura / Opening Ceremony  (Sala San Polo)

8 October (Tuesday)


Technical Session 1 (Veneto room)

 Image Segmentation I

Chair: Thomas Walter Rauber (UFES)

      Alexei M. C. Machado, James C. Gee and Mario F. M. Campos

      Wilian Flavio Rigo, Aurelio Paulo Batista da Silva, Thomas W. Rauber

Edilberto Strauss, Walter Jiménez, Gilson A. Giraldi, Rodrigo Silva, Antonio A. F. Oliveira


Technical Session 2 (San Marco room)


Chair: Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo (IMPA)

      Veridiana Christie, Lucas Salvador, Rosane Minghim, and Haim Levkowitz

Harlen Costa Batagelo and Wu, Shin-Ting

Isabel H. Manssour, Sérgio S. Furuie, Silvia D. Olabarriaga, and Carla M. D. S. Freitas

           Wagner T. Correa, Shachar Fleishman, and Claudio T. Silva


10:00-10:30 Intervalo / Pause


Invited Talk  1 (Venezia 3 room)

Chair: Luiz Marcos G. Gonçalves (UFRN)


Prof. Dana Ballard, Rochester University – USA

Recent advances in graphics rendering have allowed the modeling of visual
systems for artificial graphics "people" or humanoids. The humanoids exist in a graphics world. They have eye, head and posture movements, and see stereo images of the
rendered world. In order to behave appropriately they must process these images
in real time and use them to control body movements. Sample behaviors are:
walking along a sidewalk in an urban setting while avoiding other pedestrians and
crossing streets safely. The use of humanoids allows the experimentation with
dynamic control strategies that incorporate learning algorithms. In addition, the
artificial environment offers speed and flexibility in algorithm development not
possible in the real-world. The presentation will describe the features of this
new research paradigm.


12:00-14:00 Lunch Pause


Technical Session 3 (Veneto room)

 Remote Sensing

Chair: Fátima N. Sombra de Medeiros (UFC)

F. N. S. Medeiros, N. D. A. Mascarenhas, R. C. P. Marques, C. M. Laprano
Marcia Luciana Silva Aguena e Nelson Delfino D'Avila Mascarenhas

Maria Luiza F. Velloso, Flávio J. de Souza

Mauricio P. Martins, Lamartine N. F. Guimarães Leila Maria G. Fonseca


Technical Session 4 (San Marco Room)

 Computer Vision

Chair: Celso S. Kurashima (UNC)

Lourena Rocha, Luiz Velho, and Paulo Cezar Carvalho

Marcelo B. Vieira, Matthieu Cord, Paulo P. Martins Jr, Arnaldo de A. Araujo and Sylvie Philipp-Foliguet

Celso S. Kurashima, Ruigang Yang, and Anselmo Lastra
Ye Bin, Peng Jia-xiong


15:30-16:00 Intervalo / Pause


Invited Talk  2 (Venezia 3 room)

Chair: Soraia Raupp Musse (UNISINOS)


Prof. Rick Parent, Ohio State University – USA

One of the 'holy grails' for Computer Animation has been modeling and
animating a synthetic human figure indistinguishable from real life.
There are obvious applications for such a capability in the entertainment
industry. But such technology can also be used in creating more realistic
training environments, more natural user interfaces, and improved educational
material. Great strides have recently been made towards this objective by both
industry and academia. By combining knowledge from such diverse fields as
medicine, art, biomechanics, forensic science, and robotics, there has
been a greater understanding (and appreciation) of the complexity of the human
form. One only has to look at recent films to see how synthetic human figure
modeling and animating have evolved. However, there are still problems to be
overcome in order to satisfy a Turing-like test for synthetic humans.
This talk will review the progress made, the techniques used, the relevant
research at Ohio State, and the issues yet to be resolved.


18:00 Video Festival (see detailed program at this link) (San Polo Room)

 Chair: Maria Andréia Formico Rodrigues (UNIFOR)


9 October (Wednesday)


Technical Session  5 (Veneto room)

 Image Segmentation II

Chair: Roberto de A. Lotufo (UNICAMP)

            C. R. Jung and J. Scharcanski
            Alexandre Gonçalves Silva, Roberto de A. Lotufo, Franklin César Flores
            Roberto de A . Lotufo, Alexandre Falcão, Francisco Zampirolli
Franklin César Flores, Roberto de A. Lotufo, Stela Isernhagen, Leonardo Marques Rocha, Alexandre Gonçalves Silva, and Eduardo Faccini Rocha


Technical Session 6 (San Marco room)

 Geometric Modelling

Chair: Maria Cristina Ferreira de Oliveira (USP)

            Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo, Jorge Stolfi, and Luiz Velho

            Wu, Shin - Ting and Luiz Gonzaga da Silveira Jr.

            M. Gopi and Shankar Krishnan

            Alex J. Q. Vargas, Luis G. Nonato, Rosane Minghim, Maria Cristina F. Oliveira


10:00-10:30 Intervalo / Pause


Invited Talk  3 (Venezia 1 room)

Chair: Carla dal Sasso Freitas (UFRGS)


Prof. Luiz Velho, IMPA - Brazil

This talk will present an overview of the research that has been developed by the invited speaker during his career in Computer Graphics.The emphasis of this talk is on procedural models and multiscale methods applied to different problems in the area.


12:00-14:00 Lunch Pause


Technical Session 7 (Veneto room)

 Pattern Recognition I

Edson José Rodrigues Justino (PUC-PR)  

            Edson J. R. Justino and Flávio Bortolozzi
            José Eduardo Bastos Santos, Bernard Dubuisson and Flávio Bortolozzi

            José Josemar de Oliveira Júnior, João Marques de Carvalho, Cinthia Obladen de Almendra Freitas and Robert Sabourin

            Andréa Vergara da Silva and Daniel Santana de Freitas


Technical Session 8 (Venezia 1 room)

 Image Synthesis

Chair: João Luiz Comba (UFRGS)

            Leonardo M. Rocha and Alexandre X. Falcão
            Cesar Augusto de Carvalho Vannini
            Diego Nehab, Luiz Velho
            Leandro Tonietto and Marcelo Walter


15:30-16:00 Intervalo / Pause


Poster session 1 (Veneto room)

   Chair: Herman Martins Gomes (UFCG)

A.V. Netto and M.C.F. de Oliveira

R.C.P. Marques, C.M. Laprano, and F.N.S. Medeiros

R.C.S. Costa and F.N.S. Medeiros

I.A. Esquef, M.P. Albuquerque, and M. Albuquerque

M.A.G. Carvalho,  M. Croupie, R.A. Lotufo

S.E. N. Correia, J. M. de Carvalho, R. Sabourin

S.M.F. Costa, J.M.V. de Oliveira, F.J.R. Fernandez

A. Medeiros, G. Tho, and L.M. Goncalves

J. Ashimine, T.E. de Campos, R.M. Cesar Jr., and I. Bloch

B. Borba, C. Vasconcelos, M. Albuquerque

C. J. S. Oliveira, A. de A. Araúdo, D. R. Gomes, C.A. Severiano Jr.

M.A.G. Carvalho, M. Couprie, R. A. Lotufo

F. M. Lopes, L. A. Consularo


Poster session 2 (San Marco room)

   Chair: Marcelo Dreux (PUC-Rio)

F.M.A. Fonseca, and M.V.A. Andrade


F. Franco, A. Oliveira

J.N. Ulysses, A. Conci

A.G.C. Bianchi, H.G.E. Hentschel, L.F. Costa

T.P. Lied, M. Walter

J. Falcão, M. Araujo, L.B. Candeias

C.E.S. Moreira, M. Walter

A. L. Battaiola, N.C. Elias, R. de G. Domingues

M. M. Laserra, M. T. Longhi, M. Axt

F.L. de Mello, E. Strauss, A. Oliveira

F. Policarpo, E. Azevedo, A. Conci

O. V. Jacques, R.C. Coelho

M.B. Vieira, A. A. Araújo, S. Philipp-Foliguet, M. Cord

M.M. Carvalho, R. M. Czekster, I.H. Manssour

W. Shin-Ting, V.F. Melo

H. M. A. Bezerra, B. F. F. Karlsson, M. C. A. Gois,  A.C. Frey

F. V. Duarte, M. Verdi, and R. B.  Araujo

F. W. Damásio and S. R. Musse


17:30 Plenary (San Marco room)




10 October (THURSDAY)


Games Workshop (Castello room)

Invited Talk  1

           Chair: André Luiz Battaiola (UFSCAR)


Jeferson Valadares, Criative Director-Jynx Playware


It is frequently claimed that the games industry drives the development of personal computing. And with a market that will reach U$ 31 billion this year, more and more companies are investing heavily on R&D (in 1999, the games industry surpassed the pharmaceutical industry in that aspect). This lecture will present what is next on the game development frontier, and also the latest already in use in game development studios around the world.


Technical Session 9 (Veneto room)

Pattern Recognition II

Chair: Arnaldo Araújo (UFMG)

Silvio Jamil Ferzoli Guimaraes, Neucimar J. Leite, Michel Couprie, Arnaldo Albuquerque de Araújo

            Edson Tadeu M. Manoel, Luciano da F. Costa, Johannes Streicher, Gerd B. Muller

            Tibério S. Caetano, Sílvia D. Olabarriaga and Dante A. C. Barone
            Paulo Sérgio Rodrigues and Arnaldo de Albuquerque Araújo


Technical Session 10 (San Marco room)

Image Synthesis And Graphics Hardware

Chair: Hélio Pedrini (UFPR)

            Cristiano G. Franco and Marcelo Walter
            Leizza Rodrigues, Díbio L. Borges e Luiz M. G. Gonçalves
            Danilo Tuler, Waldemar Celes
            Heraldo Maciel França Madeira and Hélio Pedrini

10:00-10:30 Intervalo / Pause


Games Workshop (Castello room)

Invited Talk  2

           Chair: Bruno Feijó (PUC-Rio)


                Stuart Moulder, World General Manager for Microsoft PC Games 

Market strategies for choosing/developing great and market-ready games, and on choosing games studios; an overview of the latest Microsoft technologies: how to take advantage of new technologies on developing games; an overview of the international games market, and the requirements to achieve success in it; the work of Microsoft games, developing great games for a global audience.


Technical Session 11 (Veneto room)

 Image Processing Applications

    Chair: Alejandro Frery (UFPE)

            Juliana Fernandes Camapum Wanderley and Daniel C. Danna

            Camillo Jorge S. Oliveira, Arnaldo de Albuquerque Araújo, Carlos A. Severiano Júnior, and Daniel Ribeiro Gomes

            José Alexandre Nalon and João Baptista T. Yabu-uti
            Fernando V. Salina, Nelson D. A. Mascarenhas and Paulo E. Cruvinel
            Alejandro C. Frery, Francisco Cribari-Neto, Marcelo de O. Souza


Technical Session 12 (San Marco room)

 Animation and Simulation

Chair: Maria Andréia Formico Rodrigues (UNIFOR)

            Yu Zhang, Edmond Cyril Prakash and Eric Sung
            Flavia Pereira Ferreira, Soraia Raupp Musse, and Giorgenes Gelatti
            Fabio Osorio Moreira, Joao L. D. Comba e Carla M. D. S. Freitas
            Elke Hergenrother, Antonio Bleile, Don Middleton, and Andrzej Trembilski
            Claus Aranha, Schubert Carvalho Ribeiro e Luiz M. G. Gonçalves

12:00-14:00 Lunch Pause


Games Workshop (Castello room)

Invited Talk  3

           Chair: Esteban Walter Gonzalez Clua (PUC-Rio)



Fernando Wagner da Silva, Opportunity & w-Aura


In this talk we will discuss several aspects concerning the Game market around the world, including business opportunities, business models, technologies and trends for this industry. We will also briefly analyze some aspects of the (local) Brazilian Game market, based on a personal experience with an investment bank.

Mini-Tutorial 1 (Room 102)

Introduction to light interaction with plants

Gladimir Baranoski (University of Waterloo),

Jon Rokne  (University of Calgary)


Workshop of Theses and Dissertations (San Marco room)

Chair: Marcelo Walter(UNISINOS)

Master´s dissertation papers: 

Paula Salgado Lucena, Marcelo Gatass and Luiz Velho

Jorge A.. R. Torres and Luciana P. Nedel

Schubert R. Carvalho and Luiz M. G. Gonçalves

Alécio P.D. Binotto, João L.D. Comba and Carla M.D.S. Freitas

Everton Vidal Vieira, Olga Regina P. Bellon and Luciano Silva

Maurício Severich, Luciano Silva, Mônica N. L. Cat and Olga R. P. Bellon

Rangel Arthur, Roberto de A. Lotufo, Fernando J. Von Zuben and Antônio C. F. Pessoa

Paulo F. U. Gotardo, Olga R. P. Bellon and Luciano Silva


15:30-16:00 Intervalo / Pause


Games Workshop (Castello room)

Invited article

           Chair: Marcelo Dreux (PUC-Rio)


A Strategy for Rendering the Sky and its Elements in Games

Márcio Pereira de Araújo, Waldemar Celes (TecGraf, PUC-Rio) 

A good rendering algorithm for the sky and its elements (clouds, sun, moon, and stars) is essential to add realism in computer games that make use of external scenarios. As precise and physically based simulation of these effects can be computationally expensive, several games use artifacts to render the sky as textures mapped to geometrical supports, such as skydome and skybox. This paper presents another simple strategy to render the sky and its elements. The proposal facilitates sky modeling and presents good performance. It also allows the rendering of simple dynamic effects, such as the movement of clouds, star shininess and environment state transition.

Poster Session  (Castello room)

 Chair: Geber Lisboa Ramalho (UFPE)

Manuela Bittencourt, Eloi L. Favero

                        Rafael Rieder, Jacques Duílio Brancher

Leandro Lorenzett Dihl and et. al.

            Wabber Miranda de Arruda Filho and et. al.

Leonardo Sewald Cunha, Lúcia Maria Martins Giraffa

Pedro Demasi, Adriano Joaquim de Oliveira Cruz

Giorgenes P. Gelatti

Guilherme B. Bedin, Hisham H. Muhammad,André Detsch,Marinho P. Barcellos

Schubert R. Carvalho, Wedson T. A. Filho, Clésio L. Tozzi, Wu S. Ting   

Silvano Maneck Malfatti et. al.

Gilliard Lopes, Fábio Policarpo, Alan Watt

Anna R. L. de Moura, Rosana G. S. Miskulin, Fabiana F. de Marco

Danielle R. da Silva and et. al.

Paulo Cesar Rodacki Gomes, Marcelo Odebrechet

Pedro Demasi, Adriano Joaquim de Oliveira Cruz

André Wilson Brotto Furtado, André Luis de Medeiros Santos

Eduardo José Torres Sampaio Rocha, Geber Lisboa Ramalho, André Santos

João Ricardo Bittencourt, Fernando Santos Osório

Fernando Antonio Mota Trinta, Oscar Gomes de Miranda

Bernardi,A. Rocha, L. Martins, C. E.

Romero Tori, Ricardo Nakamura

Leandro Motta Barros, Soraia Raupp Musse

Fábio Policarpo, Gilliard Lopes, Alan Watt

Rodrigo de Godoy Domingues, André Luiz Battaiola, Geber Lisboa Ramalho

Esteban Walter Gonzalez Clua, Marcelo Dreux, Bruno Feijó

Esteban Walter Gonzalez Clua, Marcelo Dreux, Bruno Feijó

Esteban Walter Gonzalez Clua, Carlo L. de Luca Junior, Rodrigo J. de Moraes Nabais

Jefferson L. F. Valadares and et. al.

Jeferson L. F. Valadares, Geber L. Ramalho, Marcelo Ladeira

Rodrigo M. Pedrosa and et. al.

Börje Felipe Fernandes Karlsson, Geber Lisboa Ramalho

Paulo Gonçalvez de Barros and et. al.

Wabber Miranda de Arruda Filho and et. al.

Francisco Meirelles, Fábio Policarpo, Gilliard Lopes

Marcelo de Oliveira Johann, Marcus Kindel, Cintya Bortolazzo

            Marcos Romero, Elói L. Favero


Mini-Tutorial 2 (Room 102)

3D photography: a structured light approach

Paulo C. P. Carvalho, Luiz Velho, Asla M. e Sá, Esdras S. de M. Filho (IMPA) 

Workshop of Theses and Dissertations  (Cont.) (San Marco room)

Chair: Marcelo Walter (UNISINOS)

Doctoral´s Thesis papers: 

Márcio S. Pinho, Doug A. Bowman and Carla M. D. S. Freitas

Janilson F. Aranha, Agostinho M. de Brito Júnior and Adrião D. Dória Neto

Tatiana Tavares, Guido Lemos de Souza, Adelardo Medeiros and Luiz Marcos G.Gonçalves

Vânia C. da Silva and João M. de Carvalho

Suzete E. N. Correia and João M. de Carvalho

Paulo Alexandre Bressan and Marcelo Knörich Zuffo

Antonio Valério Netto and Maria Cristina F. de Oliveira

Heraldo Maciel França Madeira

18:00 Games Workshop (Castello room) :

            Round-Table / Closing Session

          SIBGRAPI (SAN MARCO ROOM): Closing Session




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